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Some Tips for Deer Damage

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

We are seeing a lot of damage from deer, some say their species is actually adapting to the control chemicals (Deer Scram, Liquid Fence, or Deer Off), while others will say the deer feasting is due to the wet weather we’ve had.

Bad news is, we have to find new ways to distract them from all the sweet-smelling green plants. If you are currently using a board control chemical application (ie: Scram or Liquid Fence), you might need to consider another plan of attack.

Here are several natural suggestions:

  1. Get a dog! It has been said that deer can smell the dog urine and will not come close to where a dog has done its business.

  2. Cut up some Irish Spring soap and put it around the plants, this is to deter deer by the smell of humans.

  3. Ultrasonic sound devices will deter deer with sound that is undetectable by humans.

  4. Switch up the brand of chemical you are using, maybe they are getting used to the smell and they know that those yummy greens are on the other side of the smell.

Either way, there is no 100% fool proof way to deter deer when you have sweet smelling green plants and flowers in your landscape. Even when we try to plant more deer resistant materials, nothing is perfect.

If you are in need of help, don't hesitate to give us a call!


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