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Spring Planting & Summer Annuals

Spring is in the Air, but don’t be too quick to plant those summer annuals, YET.

As we battle this COVID-19 storm, just remember at the end of every storm, there is a rainbow. With the onset of the first few days of warmer weather, the impulse to get out in the garden and plant can become very strong. But be cautious for just a few more weeks.

For you novice gardeners, our local Frost-free date here in Central Ohio is May 15th. By this time, our nighttime temperatures are around 55 degrees and the chance of even colder temperatures is slim. In addition, the other condition for successful summer annual plantings is the soil temperatures. We want that to be around 60 degrees. While colder temps may not kill the plants, cooler temps can stunt the roots of flowers and it can take them some time to recover. Tender or True annuals have no tolerance for frost or cold roots.

Samples of tender annuals include impatiens, begonias and sunpatiens.

However, if you have that urge to get started planting sooner you can plant what we call half-hardy annuals. These flowers are tolerant of the cooler air temperatures.

Half-hardy annuals include geraniums, petunias, snapdragons, osteospermum, dianthus and sweet alyssum.

Summer will be here before we know it and our gardens will be full of flowers! Just be a little patient and enjoy the late spring flowering bulbs, trees, and shrubs along with the smell of fresh cut grass.

Interested in learning about how we can provide new color to your landscape each season?

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