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Starting with a Quality Design Plan


by Michael Coyle, Lead Designer


Are you looking to enhance your property this year! Let us help you!

Every landscape should always begin with a quality plan. Our plans help communicate what ideas we have in mind for your property, your expectations, and to meet up with your dreams and visions! Our design plans also work to ensure that the project gets constructed correctly.

Our Design Process Entails:

Design Plan Example
  1. - Scheduling an appointment to discuss what might be possible for your property.

  2. - Meeting to discuss the project parameters in person or through Zoom.

  3. - A design agreement will be sent, and once received, our designer will come out to measure your property and shoot elevations if designing any new hardscape elements.

  4. - After measurements are taken, a base plan will be developed to begin working on a conceptual plan. This concept will be presented to discuss layout options and talk final budget figures.

  5. - After the conceptual design meeting, the plan will be revised/finalized and a proposal will be developed. Once the proposal is signed and deposit is received, the project goes to installation scheduling!

  6. - During installation, the designer will stop out during the day to make sure that you’re pleased with how the work is going, and if necessary, make on-site adjustments.

  7. - After your project is completed, we will do a final walkthrough to ensure everything is looking good and you are happy. We will provide watering services if requested, email you our watering and pruning guide to help with proper watering and maintenance for the new landscape. (Yes, there is a proper and correct way to water your plants!) 😊 We do guarantee our plants for two years from the date of installation with proper watering—which is especially important during the summer months.

If you’re looking to renovate your property this year, please reach out to discuss your dreams and wishes with our designers and Landscape Architect. We will provide 2D plan drawings, construction documents for permitting purposes, and 3D renderings so you can begin to visualize what your property will look like when the project is complete.

Get in touch to get started or call us:



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