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Thanks for Another Great Year!


We want to thank our clients for the business, our sub-contractors for their assistance, and our vendors for their support. This year, like last, was busy, but the pandemic has not held us back. We work outside and are always short on help. 😊

The pandemic period has actually helped us grow, as many people worked at home and spent money on their homes/properties versus traveling or other expenses. We've completed a lot of projects for everyone, and we are grateful for all the business these last few years and the ability to get out and work—seemingly non-stop! We've somehow made it to another Holiday break though, whew!

Thank you so much for your business and trust in our expertise.

A quick environmental note, if you know me and our company, you are aware we go out of our way to recycle and be green in our processes. Since China and Trump argued, no one is taking the plastic plant pots anymore. But, I am happy to report we are finally connecting with some U.S. companies that are willing to recycle all the plant pots that landscapers collect and then discard. It has been almost two years of collecting and storing our leftovers to find someone willing to take them. We actually filled a semi-box truck earlier this year and sent it all to Teracycle in New Jersey! This new source is in Ohio though! If this works out, we are trying to get all Central Ohio landscapers on board. (Molly just finished her term as state industry President, so we have some pull 😊).

M.J. Design already composts all paper waste, recycles old equipment and metals, recycles the cans and bottles with Rumpke, all odd plastics with Teracycle, golf balls with First tee; toothbrushes with Colgate, safety equipment and car and truck parts with Teracycle, used motor oil with Taylor Tire, AND we re-purpose construction roble with Shelly quarries.

Our goal is zero waste. As a company that works with plants and the earth, we try to lead in being good stewards of the environment.

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!!



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