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The Perfect Christmas Tree


– Kelly Darrow, Office Manager

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. The twinkling lights, the decorations, the Hallmark movies… and especially the smells of fresh pine. Walking into the house after purchasing the live Christmas tree and smelling the fresh pine brings back so many memories. Going to pick out the tree with my family when I was younger, the cat drinking the water and vomiting on the carpet, the needles falling, and of course decorating the tree together. We did find over the years that the type of live tree you get really does matter.

Nature has given us many different pines and firs to choose from.

The top three live Christmas trees according to Good Housekeeping are:

  1. Balsam Fir – It is the classic-looking Christmas tree with dark green color and an excellent strong spicy smell.

  2. Douglas Fir – It is a full tree with softer needles. It has a dark green or blue-green in color and it has a citrus pine scent. Make sure you keep it well watered or the needles will start to drop.

  3. Fraser Fir – It holds ornaments well. The needles are soft but stiff. It has a nice evergreen smell.

There are many more types of Christmas trees available. Pick one you like, you cannot go wrong. Whichever tree you pick, remember to add watering the tree to your daily routine. Fresh cut trees will take a quart of water per inch of the tree trunk, daily. Don’t fall for gimmick of using additives, trees only require clean water.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday season and take some time to enjoy the scent of the live trees.

After the holildays, we are happy to assist with recycling your tree, just give us a call—we'll arrange a pickup!



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