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Thinking about a change to your outdoor space?

Use the Winter to Plan!

As you ring in the new year, now is the time to start planning if you are looking to make changes to your property in 2021. Our designers are happy to come and meet with you to talk about your goal for the area(s). Whether it is to create an outdoor living space with a kitchen, fire table, or pergola—or to create a natural fence line to separate your property from your neighbors, or even to contemplate changes to existing beds... Our designers will discuss the options available during the meeting, explain the benefits of their recommendations to help you meet your goal, all while staying within your budget.

To begin a project, a design is the best way to convey our ideas. Keep in mind there are options with every design and most projects can be done in phases. Depending on the project, some phases could begin as early as mid-to-late January!

Give us a call to meet with one of our designers! 614.873.7333

Planning ahead also helps to get you securely on a schedule. Depending on the complexity, there can be permitting requirements, HOA submittal, and approvals to name a few. Securing specific types of plant material can also take time. If there is the one special specimen plant that is needed to highlight your backyard space, there will be planning for optimal digging and shipping needed. So, start thinking about those projects now—while it is cold and gray!


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