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“This was a parking lot, now it’s a peaceful oasis...”

Updated: Jan 25

Nothing but Flowers by Talking Heads

Ok, so it wasn’t really a parking lot, but years of farming and construction happening all around it, the vacant lot adjacent to our office didn’t seem to have much life left in it. That was until this previous season when Joel and the team began transforming this property into a beautiful roadside garden full of trees, shrubs and perennials.

In 2023, M.J. Design acquired this lot as our company continued to grow and more space was needed. This allowed us to expand our composting, recycling and material storage for reuse. It was amazing watching the once barren lot come to life after mounding was added to create the property border, composted soil was worked into the mounds to provide nutrition and moisture for the new plantings.

The lifeless acreage came alive and will now be abuzz with pollinators, birds, wildlife, and insects, adding to the biodiversity population. In addition, the amended soils will now be able to absorb and retain rainwater instead of running off. The new trees will help sequester and store carbon dioxide, process and then release as oxygen. Eventually, we even have visions of this space for growing some of our own flowers, winterberry, spruce and maybe a few pumpkins to use for our seasonal décor needs.

Seeing this transformation was a good reminder of why we do what we do at M.J. and why we love it so much. Of course, everyone loves a beautiful landscape, but knowing what is going on behind (and under) the scenes and how it benefits our natural world, brings joy to the heart.


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