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Tip for Fall: Dividing Your Perennials

Do you want more blooms on your perennials next year?

During the early fall days—when there is less heat stress on your plants—is a perfect time to divide perennials. When you split a perennial, you will rejuvenate the root system allowing it to spread out and absorb nutrients, which helps create more blooms.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Check the forecast It is much easier to divide when the plant is well watered, so plan on dividing a day or two after a good rain.

  2. Transplanting timeline When transplanting your divided plants in the fall, be sure to complete the process by early October in order to give the roots a chance to establish in their new home before the ground temperatures start to turn cold.

  3. Use a two-step process if you're pressed for time If you can't get the new planting in the ground right away, temporarily put them in a flowerpot, then plant in the bed at a later date.


Plan for Your Fall Color!

If you are interested in having pots or beds switched over to fall colors, please call the office to get on our list.



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