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What to do About Plants Sprouting Early


by Michael Davie, OCNT • Account Manager


Bulbs sprouting in the winter isn’t normal in cold weather climates, but with the inconsistency in the weather and Ohio temperatures, it has been happening more frequently. So what happens when you see sprouts in February? Will the plants be damaged? Will they bloom? Well, first, to avoid early blooming, make sure to plant bulbs at the appropriate depth. Early bulb sprouting typically is a short-term issue if there is only a bit of green showing. They may receive some frost damage but will recover as the season progresses.

If the early foliage growing is larger, you can add extra mulch before the next frost, cover with cartons, or cover with sheets. For perennial and flowering shrubs, you can cover these plants with a lightweight sheet or covering that is porous and allows proper airflow—no plastic coverings. These shrubs and perennials should show typical flowering the following season. If you lose buds/flowers from these plants, it won’t cause permanent damage—but you will likely see less flowering during the current growing season.

Overall, we like to keep a close eye on the weather reports, listen for frost warnings, and have your covers ready!

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