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Plant Wand vs. Spray Nozzle?

If you are using a spray nozzle to spray water over your plants, let’s rethink your watering technique!

Many people think that a plant wand is to extend the reach over the top of plants… but its proper use is to allow you to get under the canopy/leaves, thus getting water to the base of the plant. When using a plant wand correctly, it allows water to get to roots quicker and allows for less of evaporation—which happens fairly quickly when you water the tops.

Keep in mind, the leaves don’t need water; roots do. Leaves are there to produce the food for the plant. When using a spray nozzle, even on shower setting, the top foliage is getting the majority of the water instead of getting the water to where it is really needed—at the root system.

Also, the pressure of a spray nozzle can push the plant foliage down, not allowing the foliage surface to face the sun how it should. If don’t have a wand, take off the spray nozzle and just lay the end of the hose at the ground, under the plant canopy. Plant watering wands can be found at your local gardening store. Your plants will love the proper watering!

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