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M.J.'s Proper Planting

This is a typical root ball from one of the major tree suppliers in Columbus. The yellow line is where most landscapers would plant this tree.

Oftentimes, many landscapers do not even take the burlap and twine off. This causes the tree to die a slow death. The dirt will ultimately strangle the truck, and shallow fibrous roots will girdle around the base as well.

The blue line is the correct soil line for planting.

M.J.’s practice is to remove the burlap and any other materials that surround the root ball—it doesn’t matter if it is twine, wire or plastic, we always remove the material that doesn't assist in the tree's life and growth! Sometimes, when installing, the plant is even removed from the hole several times... just to make sure that it is planted at the proper depth for success!

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