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Planning a Summer Perennial Garden

A well-planned perennial garden can be just as bright and vibrant as a garden with annuals. The advantage of a perennial garden is that you don’t have to replant it each year!

Before we start:

Make sure you determine what you are looking for in the perennial garden and what will work for your space. Do you want year-round color? How about a garden where you can cut a few blooms to bring inside? Or something that you can enjoy without your nearby deer considering it a snack?

We always start with a plan and strategy for the bed—taking into consideration:

  • sun or shade

  • bloom timing

  • plant heights

  • shapes & colors

  • potential for special features

There are so many different types of gardens we can design from drought tolerant, to very low-maintenance perennial gardens. We can help you create a perennial garden you will love—even if you don’t yet know what you want to do!

Call 614.873.7333 and Michael, one of our talented designers, will be happy to develop a plan with you.

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