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Are you Seeing Skeleton Leaves?

It’s that time when the adult Japanese beetles emerge from the soil and begin their feeding frenzy. These pests will feed on a wide variety of flowers and plants, but are especially common on roses and purple foliage plants. We can help remove them!

In the photos below, you can see that Japanese beetles can devour most of the foliage on favored plants, as well as the flowers. If you are seeing “skeletonized” leaves (i.e., only have veins remaining), there's a good chance it is the Japanese beetles doing the destruction.

So what can we do? If the number of beetles is low, removing them by hand and then destroying them is a good option. Getting to the beetles in the early morning hours, when they are less active, is the best option to easily get them. We tend to collect the beetles in a container filled with soapy water.

If there is a more-populated infestation, we use the insecticide Sevin, in the spray bottle. It not only kills beetles, but also more than 500 other types of pest on contact.

Give us a call if you want some help. 614.873.7333

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