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Weeds, Weeds... Go Away!

With the ground being so wet, you may see new weeds pop up overnight. The biggest help to keep your beds free of weeds is to catch them early.

Here are some ways we help control the weeds:

1) Mulch will help with the prevention.

2) When we mulch, we also put down a pre-emergent, you may know the residential version, called Preen.

3) If you have a large area, with lots of little weeds, we would suggest that you use Round Up. (It’s safe! Check out our May post about this topic.)

4) If it’s a bigger weed within a plant or multiple plants, it’s best to pull it! Just make sure you don’t leave the root or it will come back again!


If you need help with this, and are not on our monthly maintenance plan, please call the office and we can get you set up!


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