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Crazy Summer Heat?

If you think the heat has been crazy this summer, well guess what, it has been. The Columbus Dispatch ran an interesting article on August 11 titled Earthweek: a diary of the planet, and it turns out that June and July posted our planet's hottest months on record, possibly leading to 2019 becoming the hottest year ever observed.

In Greenland, they set a new single-day record for ice melt on August 1st with a loss of 12.5 billion tons. Breaking the record form 2010. So, it does confirm that the summers may not be getting longer, they are just getting hotter.

What we are seeing here in Ohio seems to be the extremes—record rainfall amounts over a 15-month period, followed by a period of limited rain fall. We are seeing plants struggling to adapt to the extreme changes. Only time will tell what “normal” is and how our landscapes will adapt.

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