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Sustainability & Plant Pot Recycling Update

As I’ve written about before, we have been collecting our horticultural plastic plant pots and trays this season to recycle with East Jordon Plastics. They will take all of our #2, #5 and #6 plastic containers of any color or shape. These containers will be recycled to make new products.

We currently have 14, four-foot tall pallets that are stacked, shrink wrapped, and ready for pick up. Our goal is to have 28 pallets, which will fill half of a semi-truck. So, we’re halfway there!


We want to open this recycling opportunity to our clients and other landscape companies.

If you are interested in dropping off any plastic pots, trays or tags that are labeled with the recycling symbol of #2, #5, or #6, please drop off at our office:

We will be happy to take any containers you may have and add them to our shipment. Please remove any plant material and soil prior to drop off.


If neither of these dates work for you, please also consider taking these items to Home Depot, they will take the plastic containers as well.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Together we can make a difference by diverting these containers from the landfill.

Amanda Murphy



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