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Thanks to our 2020 Summer Help!

We want to thank the college and high school staff for all their help this summer. They have done a wonderful job assisting Amanda and Molly with flowers and taking part in several other tasks—you may have even seen them out and about watering and weeding also! Their time and efforts allow our more experienced crews to do the more-detailed work that requires more expertise.

We would like to wish them the best of luck with their next year in school.

Pictured: Front row (L to R) Amy (Intern – Western Kentucky University), Maddie (Miami University), Hanna (Purdue University). Back row (L to R) Drew (Tolles/Dublin Coffman), Alison (University of Cincinnati), Spencer (Capital University)

These students have also been a tremendous help around the office, tackling tasks such as washing equipment, picking up materials, delivering materials, and whatever else was needed on any given day. While they may not be pursuing a landscape profession as they transition back to college, it is our hope to help them gain a new appreciation for our craft. And most importantly, through their various experiences with the M.J. team they've all learned important life skills to can carry on—such as the importance of attention to detail, customer service, organization, and working as a team.

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